01 June 2018


You have found it, the English section of our new website! A warm welcome!

We already had it in our planning for a long time, but there were many other things that required our attention. That is how it is with organisations that work for those in need: people will go first. There is no other way, because that is what we are meant for: refugees and asylum seekers in need.

Our work thus continues, with nonetheless this new website, built in between our busy activities. By gradually extending the content of this English section, we hope to stay in better contact with you, our international visitors.  Any suggestions and comments will be gratefully received (please refer to the 'Contact' page for details).

Please note:

The articles in our Dutch section can be translated automatically into a series of other languages by using the 'translate' button (in the form of a globe) on the top right corner of the site, next to the Dutch and English flag symbols.




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