Who we are

INLIA stands for: International Network of Local Initiatives with Asylum seekers. We are a network organization of and for religious communities who are helping asylum seekers and refugees in need.

The INLIA Foundation was founded in 1988 as a service desk for the churches that signed the Charter of Groningen. In doing so, these religious communities took the side of refugees and asylum seekers in need.

The INLIA Foundation was founded:

Currently, we are established in the city of Groningen. The initial, small office has by now expanded to five foundations with diverse activities & projects and is a knowledge institution in her field. Together, the foundations number over 40 professionals, a dozen of interns and over 100 volunteers. For more detailed information on our activities you can read our booklet “INLIA works.”

All INLIA foundations are independent. We exist of private donations and contributions from churches. In addition, 'INLIA Groningen' and 'INLIA Projects' are reimbursed for the costs of the activities that they undertake for municipalities.

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